Karsan Glass Mosaic,started its activity in 1994. From inception to date, always adopted customer satisfaction as a principle, the satisfied customer participation and customer portfolio has increased in a short time. Karsan Glass Mosaics in quality, visibility , durability, extends the usage to be stylish and elegant. Karsan Glass Mosaic facades as well as in terms of energy savings by providing a beautiful view of thermal insulation is a suitable product. Karsan Glass Mosaic 100% is the recycling of the glass and are manufactured from a glass. Karsan Glass Mosaic environmentalist as the resistance to natural conditions is extremely high. Karsan Glass Mosaics does not require maintenance after application is made, the colors fade and well-applied when the structure is equal to the lifetime of strength has. Karsan Glass Mosaic economic , environmental, and is a product that can be easily applied. Karsan Glass Mosaic , heat and cold, moisture-proof, anti siding is of a solid.

Karsan Glass Mosaic, water, acid , bacteria, heat, thermal shock, and resistant to sunlight , current retardant, high temperature resistant, it is an excellent product.Karsan Glass Mosaics building exterior wall cladding , columns, and columns , kitchen , bathroom and toilets , to office space and laboratories , and tourist facilities in pool coatings , decorative and artistic in the work , relying on the internal and external parts of your construction each type is a quality product that you can use. Karsan Glass Mosaic, exterior , subway stations , large multi-storey buildings , hospitals , where all people are busy, and hygiene needs is a product that is used safely to the ground.


Karsan Glass Mosaic, decorative with different color and pattern options , spacious environments depending on everything that is considered and imagination can be easily done. So the field of the use of glass mosaics in the construction industry is very broad. Karsan Glass Mosaic, decorative hotel lobbies , pools , aqua park and swimming in the pool are preferred. With the advantage of extremely simple implementation Karsan Glass Mosaic master and are preferred by architects..